Cheap Hotels in London

London is among the most coveted destinations in the planet. The historical significance of the city, along with its cultural attractions and historical landmarks make for a rewarding destination. The city of London has a veritable wealth in terms of attractions related to culture and history. The architecture of this city is simply magnificent. It is not without reason that the city is visited by millions of tourists every year.

Accommodation is one of the most important factors that you have to look into while considering a trip to London city. The city is home to some of the priciest hotels in the world. However, if you need an accommodation option that is cheaply priced, you need to look around a bit. This guide to cheap hotels in London will be of help to you.  All inclusive holidays in England is a popular choice for holidaymakers.

Trafalgar Square

My suggestions for the best cheap hotels in London . . .

1. Peckham Lodge

Peckam Lodge is a historical accommodation that was established in 1849. The hotel is situated at 110 Peckam Rd in London. The hotel building is simply splendid, with a host of features. The strategic location at the center of London makes it easy for travelers. It is located at easily accessible distance from the major tourist attractions of the city. There are a number of facilities and amenities available. This is one of the best cheap hotels in London.

2. Tommy Miahs’ Raj Hotel

Tommy Miah’s Raj Hotel is situated in 366 Essex Rd at Islington, London. The hotel has an Indian flavor as well as several novel features. This is one of the most popular hotels in Islington. The hotel has a tea room and a bar at the ground floor. There are a variety of liquors and aromatic teas available. The rooms here are well furnished and equipped with a host of amenities. The location is also quite accessible. This hotel is recommended for all inclusive honeymoon holidays.

3. Queens Hotel

Queens Hotel is situated in 33 Anson Road at Tufnell Park London. The hotel provides superb value. The hotel is located at a short distance from Kings Cross and Kings Cross St. Pancras Stations as well as the Tufnell Park Station. The rooms are well appointed with central heating. The traditional full English breakfasts on offer are another definite advantage.

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