Europe’s Most Romantic and Unusual Honeymoon Destinations: Capri & Anacapri

Europe offers ideal honeymoon destinations. Beyond the lights of Paris and London are unusual, but brilliant places to celebrate your new union.

Choosing the perfect spot to vacation is dependent upon the flare and taste of you and your new spouse. After considering your budget and expectations, take a look at these romantic but unusual European honeymoon destinations. At Luxury resort guide you will find luxury hotels and resort for your Honeymoon vacation.

Capri & Anacapri

Italy is definitely a honeymoon destination for many couples, there is nothing unusual about it, or is there? Travel beyond the romance of Italy’s most popular cities and venture to the island of Capri.


Off of Italy’s west coast, the island of Capri offers a shimmering turquoise sea and is the ideal romantic destination. The sea crashes against the shores and thin, winding streets stretch across the island.

Enjoy exploring the island by taking a lift up to Anacapri, the part of the island above sea level. From the lift, your feet dangle over lush vegetation, as you glide through the sky. Once on top of the island, enjoy the spectacular views of Capri and it’s amazing shores.


With the sea breeze in your face, and the turquoise waters sparkling in your eyes, explore Anacapri. Walk through thin allies that stores open up to, and enjoy drinks on outside patios. Visit Villa San Michele, built on the ruins of the ancient San Michele chapel. The Villa is full of ancient art and heirlooms.


Take the lift back down to Capri and explore, explore, explore. Whether you want to shop, at one of the many high-end boutiques, or wade in the clear ocean, Capri is a honeymooners’ dream. Along the sea shore, the best ice cream in Europe is offered. Stop into one the many shops and indulge.

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