Is Zurich a Safe Place to Visit?

Switzerland is known for its reputation of being a relatively crime-free country, which has remained accurate until today. As a matter of fact, Switzerland was assessed as the safest city in the world, according to a New-York based research, which is something. In the same respects, the crime report is genuinely low, seven per 100,000 people. The safe environment is imminently related to the Swiss mentality.

Nonetheless, although, from a general mindset, Zurich is, presumably, one of the safest destinations you may visit, there are still some aspects you should bear in mind, as following.


  • Pay attention to crowds

You can rest assured if you’re traveling to Zurich. Notwithstanding, similar to other major cities, you should always pay attention to crowds, since packed places are the ideal place where pickpockets look for their victims. That’s why you should take care of your valuables, and be wary of helpful strangers who are eager to give you a hand. The places where you’re more likely to fall victim to these groups is the touristic hot spots, as it is expected.

In addition, it’s quite common for thieves or pickpockets to work in groups, with one individual distracting the victim, while the others are focused on stealing his/her valuables. There have been many reports communicated by passengers that have been robbed on night trains. Thereupon, it’s quintessential to exercise additional caution in this area, as well.

At the same time, note that the police in Zurich is notorious for their heavy-handed approach to tourists. Although the likelihood that you’ll be dealing with the police is minimum, take into account that, it’s compulsory to have your passport with you, at all times.


  • Typical Scams

Generally speaking, the Swiss are known for their integrity and honesty. Nonetheless, there are some typical scams exercised on tourists. Hence, you should be vigilant of them. For instance, a common scam is known as the White Van Speaker. A group of sales individuals target the public and promote an aggressive sales pitch to the public. Another typical scam is the bonneteau game, referred to as shell and pea. Although the law prohibits it, there are still scammers out there who target foreigners. The scam includes a ball that is moved under three distinct boxes, and the player, who bets on the ball, must guess where the ball is. The person that does the trick hides the ball in his ball and makes it emerge when it is in his/her favor.


  • About Zurich Airport Transfers

If you wish to eliminate the stress regarding the dangers of using public means of transportation, you can always choose reliable, private Zurich Airport Transfers instead. This way, you won’t have to worry about traveling at night, when most crimes are reported, and you can make sure that you arrive in one piece at your accommodation. Concurrently, a reliable, professional driver will assist you, and you won’t have to worry about a thing. Safe and efficient solution when traveling to Zurich!

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