Planning to stay at Palacio de Villapanes in Seville, Spain

Welcome to the palace of peace! Yes, this is certainly the best description of this luxurious hotel standing proudly in the Seville Prefecture of Spain. It is not that surprising that such a hotel is in the peaceful and blissful nation of Spain. Palacio de Villapanes was quite lucky to witness an outstanding renovation that has brought about a transformation in this amazing stone edifice of 18th century to exhibit the ambience of 21st century. But, this has done no injustice to its original grandeur as it is still preserved. However, a touch of modern technology has been given to its iron gateways, marble columns, huge doors of wood, and arched ceilings.

Palacio de Villapanes in Seville

Palacio de Villapanes in Seville


Speaking about its rooms, there are 50 rooms of which 15 are suites. The rate ranges from €169 to €1,500 that incorporates the tax charges. Breakfast charges are taken separately, which is €20 per person.

Among the amenities, you can expect gym, spa, free WiFi, and library. In addition, in rooms, you can expect flat TV, free bottle of water, and the bath items from Bulgari. The check-out time is noon – 12 pm, but it can be adjusted as per the availability for €40. Usually, the check-in time is 2 pm. And yes, you can request for additional beds that are available only for suites and Executive Suites for €50 each night.

Palacio de Villapanes

For geeks, MAC is on their way. So, do not hesitate in booking a room at Palacio de Villapanes. Further, a spa offers all possible treatments including a sauna, massages, and a Turkish bath. Massages are only given if you request.

For children, free cots are also given on request. And yes, babysitting is on offer at €15 per hour, but for that, you need to ask for it well in advance before 24 hours.


Royal, chic, grand, and striking! You can describe the suites with any of these adjectives; in fact, all are applicable. Just take a little effort to lift your eyes and neck up to wonder at the towering arched ceilings and windows. They are really the architectural marvels of this former palace. Also, notice the original structural details belonging to the 18th century creation such as the engraved doors and panels that were painted by hand. You will appreciate the modern riches such as flat screens as well as Macs. The most appreciated suites of Palacio de Villapanes are the Alma Suite with the lounge separated by a column and marble fireplace, the Palacio Suite with ceilings soaring 16 feet high and tepid tones, and the uncommon Torreón Suite in the palace dome with an arched ceiling of wood, personal roof terrace, and flanking windows.

Palacio de Villapanes executive-suite


Welcome to the first of its kind restaurant that is perched in the basement of the palace. This is something unusual where a hotel’s restaurant is underground. However, in no way it is dull in the sense that it is packed with the white ambience along with its white furniture whose glow is maintained by the vaulted and spacious ceilings. The banquettes possess clever lighting arrangement at their rear and that the room is full of bright orchids. All this together sustain the glow and brightness of the dining room ditching the underground darkness. For some contrast, some black cushions and tables are introduced. The cuisine is Andalucian including some special modern dishes.

Now, to be in accordance with this structural design that have been influenced from ancient temples, you need to wear the matching dress. So, the dress code is anything that is in purples and pinks to match with the orchid colors. A banquette table adorned in soft light is the table of choice, I mean the ideal table. The timings of breakfast are in the morning – 7.30 to 11.30 am – but for late awakeners, this can be stretched a bit ahead. For lunch, the timings are strictly from 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm, while the dinner timings are 8.30 pm to 10.30pm. The room service is for 24 hours and offers selected hot as well as cold items.

Tip: Do carry the Seville map so that you do not get tangled in its meandering streets while you are appreciating the Spanish structural design that is 300 year old.




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