Spain holidays

When traveling through Europe, there are many places that come to mind that you should visit. However, holidays in Spain has a lot to offer, so much so that you might not want to visit anywhere else.

There are many cities in Spain that can give you days and days of enjoyment. One of the best places to visit in Spain is Barcelona. This is an ancient city that is seeped in rich cultures and cultural events. If you are looking for history, you are going to find it in Barcelona.

Gothic Quarter in Barcelona

Gothic Quarter in Barcelona

One of the best things that Barcelona can offer you is the chance to see things from Salvador Dahli and Gaudi, two of the most well known artists in our time. The entire town is seeped in things from these two artists, from museums to buildings that were created simply for looks. There are houses build by Gaudi on many of the streets, and the amazing Sangrellia Familia is something that no visit to Barcelona should miss.

Another thing that is very popular to do in Barcelona is to take a look at what is left from the Olympics. Olympic villager is still intact, and it is a good way to be a part of history.

If you are looking to explore Spanish culture, you should head into some of the smaller villages. If you come at the right time of year, you can witness things like the Running of the Bulls and regular bull fights, both of which incorporate much of the history of Spain into them.

A visit to Spain is not complete with a visit to Madrid. This city has many museums and tourist attractions that you can be a part of, and there are many reasons why you might want to spend your time in Madrid. Seeing visions of history is just the beginning.

The best thing to do in order to get around in Spain is to take advantage of the European Rail System. This is the best way to get from place to place while you are in Spain and in the rest of Europe. Not only is it easy to use, but it is also very affordable.

Remember that the cultures of Spain and Mexico are quite different. So is the language. Throughout Spain there are many different versions of Spanish that are being spoken. If you can, you should bring a dictionary that has the different types of Spanish and the different translations, because even if you have some experience with Spanish you are going to find that you might be out of your element in many parts of Spain. No matter what though, remember that with the Spanish people, a friendly smile goes a long way!

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