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Attractions in England

What famous sites come to your mind as you hear this name? Buckingham Palace, London’s Millennium Eye, or the Oxford University? Well, I know you would definitely recall some more places and towns of this nation that became united only some 1000 years ago. But, let me tell you that its origins date back to the prehistoric age. With its exciting history, cultural heritage, and scenic diversity; attractions in England have surely reserved a proud place for the country in the list of top 5 holiday destinations. In this article, I will tell you about its major sites besides London. (more…)

Cheap Hotels in London

London is among the most coveted destinations in the planet. The historical significance of the city, along with its cultural attractions and historical landmarks make for a rewarding destination. The city of London has a veritable wealth in terms of attractions related to culture and history. The architecture of this city is simply magnificent. It is not without reason that the city is visited by millions of tourists every year. (more…)

Cheap Hotels in Eastbourne, UK

Eastbourne is a city in East Sussex in the UK. The city has an assortment of attractions. If you are looking for accommodation, there are a good number of affordably priced options that also offer a decent degree of comfort. Let us look at the main options for lodging in the city of Eastbourne. (more…)

Blickling Hall, England

Nestled in the Blickling hamlet of Norfolk, the stately home of Blickling Hall is one of the major tourist attractions for its ghostly stories. Under the National Trust care since 1940, the hall is believed to be the home of the Boleyn family as well as the birthplace of Anne Boleyn whose spirit is today seen here. (more…)

Manchester – Sights and Attractions

Manchester is one of the best cities for travellers, if you want a balanced holiday that is complete in almost every aspect. The city is located at the south central region in north west England. The city has a well known heritage with respect to football, but other than this, Manchester has a great number of rewarding attractions. (more…)