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Three Historic Places in Europe Not Overrun by Tourists

Visegrad: Located on a sharp bend of the Danube in northern Hungary, Visegrad was one of the great fortress towns of the medieval and ancient world. The Romans used the promontory as part of their border defenses along the Danube. During the medieval period Hungarian Kings built castles to face down Mongol and Turkish invasions. (more…)

Tourist Attractions in Italy

Italy is truly a land of artists and writers who have spread their magic all over the world! Besides its this fame, it is also one of the hot favorites of the tourists due to its all time enjoyable attractions. Certainly, the tourist attractions in Italy are really alluring and memorable – all thanks to its different landscapes and rich cultural heritage. On this stylish and welcoming land, one can expect all kind of fun right from beaches to mountainous sports and from museums to churches. Further, if you are looking for some modern tourist attractions in Italy, then these are in horde in its great cities like Venice, Siena, and Sicily. On the other hand, if rural and historic tourist attractions in Italy are what you are looking for, go to Pompeii and Ravenna. (more…)