Tourist attractions in Sweden

Sweden is actually underestimated by many travelers, but the reality is exactly the opposite. In fact, it is one of the must visit destinations for all those who are great aficionados of culture and adventure. Known as the forested nation, it is a territory blessed with mix cultures and traditions.

The tourist attractions in Sweden are spread across the urban and rural areas via which you get a great opportunity to discover maximum part of the country. As usual the peaceful rural regions contrast the noisy urban areas. If you compare this nation to its neighboring country of Norway, its panorama is much more appealing. As greenery and innumerable lakes adorn the country, a visitor always finds himself or herself soaked in this serene and refreshing atmosphere.

Stockholm, Gamla Stan

Stockholm, Gamla Stan

Stockholm, the capital, is the historical, commercial, and cultural hub. So, it is the home of many tourist attractions in Sweden – museums, medieval monuments, and baroque buildings. Be in its Old Town where historic edifices are well preserved along the cobbled lanes. The two most popular streets here are Vasterlanggatan and Osterlanggatan, which are best to discover on foot for marveling at the handicrafts, boutiques, and antique shops. The most famous museums in the capital are the Historical Museum housing prehistoric displays, the National Museum full of fine arts, the Vasa Museum with a restored wooden warship that is over 350 years old, and Skansen folk museum as an open-air area for wondering at the cultural exhibitions.

Located in the capital, Djurgarden is an island worth a visit through a ferry. This is where you can take a tour of the Nordic Museum, Liljevalchs Konsthall, and the Waldemarsudde House as the home of the imperial artist named Prince Eugen. For some theatre fun, take a boat from the capital city centre for reaching the Drottningholm Palace. Although it is a palace, it is the abode of the Palace Theatre opera house that is in good condition. Maintaining its 18th century structure, it offers musical and cultural shows.

Next was the chance of the city that is regarded as the residence of the Volvo cars. This is certainly Gothenburg accessible from the capital. Here, there is the museum of this company, City Museum, and the Maritime Museum dedicated to the nautical activities. Between Gothenburg and Stockholm, you can also take a tour of some of the most notable lakes in its huge aquatic stretch. Interested in a Canal Cruise? Then, you can do so from the capital and from this city as well. Take a cruise starting from the MS Ceres for discovering the old canal of Gata.

Malmo, after the capital, boasts some most memorable tourist attractions in Sweden. It is the home of the Malmohus Castle, the Konsthallen, St. Petri Church, the Turning Torso skyscraper, and the Rooseum art museums. And yes, do not miss the lavish Oresund Bridge near this city linking the nation with Denmark. The importance of this bridge is that is the longest sole span passage on the planet. For history and mystery lovers, Skane is the must visit destination. This is where you can explore a cathedral of 12th century in the ancient Lund town and an astronomical clock of 14th century.

Sweden is well-known for its glassworks. So, whenever you plan to come here, do visit the forested region located between the capital and Malmo where these works are performed. The area is called the Kingdom of Crystal. You can also explore the process in Smaland that boasts 16 glassworks.

As the nation is embellished with lakes, you just cannot miss visiting one of the top tourist attractions in Sweden called The Lakelands. Occupying a major portion of the territory, this is where you will be stunned to see the blend of meadows, plains, open water, vast lakes, and wild vistas. On these lakes, feel the thrill of waterskiing as well as windsurfing.

In the southeast of Sweden, the Gotland Island is the biggest of its kind where you will appreciate the natural formations. Here, the Lummelunda Caves is among the exciting tourist attractions in Sweden where superb stalactites and stalagmites exist. Other highlights are ruined churches as well as a medieval city at Kattlundsgard. In addition, there are many cycling trails here.

Lapland must always form a part of your visit if you are coming for the first time. In its small hamlet called Jukkasjarvi, feel the unique ambience of an Ice Hotel carved totally from ice at Absolut Icebar. Further, the sports of tobogganing, skating, ice climbing, snowmobiling, and dog sledding are best trying here.

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