Tourist attractions in Turkey

Although a Middle East nation, Turkey is full of varied interesting things to do. Regarded as the land of European lifestyle following Asian traditions, Turkey boasts diverse attractions that cater to the needs of different visitors. The tourist attractions in Turkey range from natural sights to historical monuments. For adventurous folks, there is no shortage of bicycling, trekking, and white water rafting. Okay, we know that the political situations are unstable. Therefore, you can schedule a visit of few days to discover the exciting tourist attractions in Turkey.

Obviously, the capital was my first pick as it is the warehouse of tourist attractions in Turkey – stunning Byzantine churches and palaces as well as mosques of the Ottomans. In Istanbul, the most captivating highlights are the Blue Mosque, the archaeological museum, Aya Sofya museum, and the Topkapi Palace. Shopping is mostly preferred here, especially at the Grand Bazaar full of items ranging from antique to modern ones. For some ferry fun, catch one from the capital to explore the northern villages of the city, which stretch till the Black Sea. Further, do not miss to visit the Princes’ Islands, a cool visitors’ point during summers where bicycles are only permitted. Take a ferry from the capital’s Eminonu dock to reach here.

Ortakoy Mosque-Bosporus Bridge

Ortakoy Mosque-Bosporus Bridge

If you are planning to come in winter, then stay at a winter ski resort near Bursa to experience ideal skiing. In this ancient Ottoman town nestled to the capital’s south, you can explore a the Uludag mountain adorned with glacial water bodies, the great Green Mosque dating back to the 15th century, Islamic Art Museum, and a bazaar.

Would you like to explore the history of World War I? If yes, then take yourself to Gallipoli Peninsula where over 240,000 Turkish, British, and ANZAC soldiers sacrificed their life. If you are coming to turkey, then the city of Ephesus now called Selcuk is a must for all first-time visitors. Its establishment dates back as early as to the 13th century BC. Regarded as the Roman as well as the Hellenistic town, this is a stunning site of the ancient world where the Temple of Artemis is just not worth missing.



For some architectural wonders, no other city than Safranbolu is ideal. This ancient town is a UNESCO Heritage site where splendid Ottoman architecture is well preserved. It is easily accessible from Istanbul as it located between the capital and Ankara. In the latter town, you can still increase your knowledge on Turkish history by visiting some of the most mesmerizing museums. Even if you are not fond of museums, it is still recommended that you still visit the museums – Ethnographic Museum and the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations.

The most astonishing natural site in the nation, the Pamukkale terraces, is just one of the best tourist attractions in Turkey. They are actually radiating white terraces in which the hot springs give out carbon dioxide that lead to the limestone deposits making these terraces shine. Although each step is packed with water, you are not permitted to ascend due to protective reasons. The whole vista is quite laid-back and tranquil that it will make you feel as if you have stepped into Earthly heaven. To see these terraces, from Istanbul, take a train up to Denizli. Then, you need to drive.

Do not return after discovering these terraces. Drive further for a few minutes and you will be at an archaeological site called Hierapolis. This is the location of roman city ruins flanked by the walls of the Byzantine era. The city is said to have been collapsed due to the earthquakes in the 17 AD. Presently, you will admire a basilica, a Sacred Pool complex, Temple of Apollo, a colonnaded street, the sacred grotto of Plutonium, nymphaeum as a fountain, Roman baths, theatre, and the St. Philip’s Martyrium. The most unique activity here is to swim in the holy pool that is now packed with the floating old artifacts that also involve the temple’s marble columns.

Trekking is loved by all the adventurers and explorers here. The Lycian trail is the best route starting from Antalya and ending at Fethiye covering a distance of 500 km. As you pass by, you can enjoy the outstanding scenery.

Want to try out the adventure of white-water rafting? Then, you need to reach the rivers – Dalaman, Coruh, Zamnati, and Koprulu.

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