Where to get the best value vacation for your money

Where to get the best value vacation for your money? EasyVacationPlanning will help you to find top-value vacation packages meeting your budget. A great value for a vacation is to take a tropical cruise. If you watch closely and book within a couple of months of the departure date, you can usually get a good room with a balcony for about $100 per day.

This amount includes food and soft drinks (not carbonated), your room, and your transportation to exotic ports in the tropics. The restaurants frequently approach 5 star service. Every meal is all you can eat. If you want more, just ask for it. I watched my son-in-law eat 5 lobster tails.

Sandals Grande Riviera

The views are spectacular. Rarely does anyone get motion sickness. Take along a patch for this if it is a problem for you. The entertainment is varied and usually very good. If gambling is your thing, it’s available. There’s music and dancing all over the ship. If you don’t like to participate, watching can be entertaining.

For a few more dollars, in the ports you can go exploring or snorkling or any number of other activities. Most ports have shopping with easy use of US dollars.

Your bed is made twice a day. Room service is free for most meals and on some ships twenty-four hours a day.
You will have some expense going to and from the departure port, but this is usually something you can manage. The ships go to great extremes to make your experience more than positive. I know very few people who aren’t scrooges that have not been wowed by a tropical cruise.

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