Picking Hotels in Hyderabad for a Luxurious Stay

The capital of Telangana, Hyderabad is known as much for its architectural masterpieces as for its rich culture. In medieval times, the nearby region was known for producing some of the most famous diamonds ever. Apart from being a prominent tourist destination, the city is also visited for its employment potential and political importance. As the demand for accommodation increases, the number of hotels here is rising. For a comfortable stay with modern amenities, tourists can pick Falaknuma Palace or Summer Green, a resort. (more…)

Top 3 Things You Should Know When Visiting Tenerife

The beautiful Tenerife is the perfect destination for those who want to enjoy a relaxing holiday, filled with sun, sandy beaches and clear water. (more…)

Italy Vacations: Tips for the first-time travelers

Anticipating and planning a trip to Italy for the first time is a bewildering experience as how to choose between the glorious cities of Florence, Rome, Milan and Venice?  The Amalfi coast and Island of Capri leading down to the excitement of Naples, the Tuscan countryside, or the tempting island of Sicily, all beckon and invite. Read as much as you can before you head off on your travels and consider if you are going for the art and history, the shopping experience or to bask in the Italian sunshine in stunning towns such as Sorrento. (more…)

Spain holidays

When traveling through Europe, there are many places that come to mind that you should visit. However, holidays in Spain has a lot to offer, so much so that you might not want to visit anywhere else. (more…)

Tourist Attractions in Italy

Italy is truly a land of artists and writers who have spread their magic all over the world! Besides its this fame, it is also one of the hot favorites of the tourists due to its all time enjoyable attractions. Certainly, the tourist attractions in Italy are really alluring and memorable – all thanks to its different landscapes and rich cultural heritage. On this stylish and welcoming land, one can expect all kind of fun right from beaches to mountainous sports and from museums to churches. Further, if you are looking for some modern tourist attractions in Italy, then these are in horde in its great cities like Venice, Siena, and Sicily. On the other hand, if rural and historic tourist attractions in Italy are what you are looking for, go to Pompeii and Ravenna. (more…)

Major Tourist Attractions in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a beautiful country blessed with lush and scenic landscape and a host of historical treasures. For easy tourism, the country is split into five zones. The central and southern region of undulating farmland and woods surrounds the capital, the northeast featuring sandstone rock formations and forests, the north packed with charming forested hills and valleys, the south full of red rocks rich in iron, and the southeast holding the Moselle Valley. As it was my first visit, I chose to first visit the capital and two more regions to explore the major tourist attractions in Luxembourg. (more…)