Where to get the best value vacation for your money

Where to get the best value vacation for your money? EasyVacationPlanning will help you to find top-value vacation packages meeting your budget. A great value for a vacation is to take a tropical cruise. If you watch closely and book within a couple of months of the departure date, you can usually get a good room with a balcony for about $100 per day. (more…)

Is Zurich a Safe Place to Visit?

Switzerland is known for its reputation of being a relatively crime-free country, which has remained accurate until today. As a matter of fact, Switzerland was assessed as the safest city in the world, according to a New-York based research, which is something. In the same respects, the crime report is genuinely low, seven per 100,000 people. The safe environment is imminently related to the Swiss mentality. (more…)

Italy Vacations: Tips for the first-time travelers

Anticipating and planning a trip to Italy for the first time is a bewildering experience as how to choose between the glorious cities of Florence, Rome, Milan and Venice?  The Amalfi coast and Island of Capri leading down to the excitement of Naples, the Tuscan countryside, or the tempting island of Sicily, all beckon and invite. Read as much as you can before you head off on your travels and consider if you are going for the art and history, the shopping experience or to bask in the Italian sunshine in stunning towns such as Sorrento. (more…)

Popular Tourist Attractions in Spain

A trip to Spain will surprise you with its crowded beaches, mouth-watering sangria, bull fights and flamenco. This popular destination is packed with ancient monuments, medieval castles, white villages and vibrant cities. You will fall in love with the evergreen estuaries, exotic deserts and rugged mountains. So plan your next summer holidays in Spain and have a memorable time. Make sure that you visit few of the popular tourist attractions in Spain. (more…)

Five Must-See Places to Visit in Italy

Choosing the five best places to visit in Italy is a bit like choosing your five favorite Beatles songs. Any short list is bound to be inadequate but in this article you will find five attractions that I find unforgettable. (more…)

Three Historic Places in Europe Not Overrun by Tourists

Visegrad: Located on a sharp bend of the Danube in northern Hungary, Visegrad was one of the great fortress towns of the medieval and ancient world. The Romans used the promontory as part of their border defenses along the Danube. During the medieval period Hungarian Kings built castles to face down Mongol and Turkish invasions. (more…)